Getting accredited as a member of AAPHP means fully committing to the cause:

To significantly reduce the recidivism rate of
impaired professional across the United States.

This means becoming accredited and abiding by the standards as set by the AAPHP.  The following diagram provides an overview of how this is accomplished:

AAPHP Standard Implementation Process


Assess Current Program Against Standard

In this stage of the process an AAPHP agent would conduct an assessment of the state agency or recovery entity’s current recovery program for impaired professionals for impaired professionals to an assessment against the current AAPHP standard.

Determine Program Gaps

The resulting report from the assessment would document the current gaps in the deltas in state agency or recovery entity’s current recovery program for impaired professionals with a list of recommendations as to how the organization can bring their program into standard.

Develop Compliance Course of Action Plan (CAP)

This stage of the process is where the organization works with a AAPHP agent to develop a detailed plan as to their course of action to bring their recovery program for impaired professionals into compliance with the AAPHP standards.

Implement & Monitor CAP

In this stage the organization works their CAP toward the commitments and milestones set within.  AAPHP serves as an auditor in this process to assure that the organization is meeting its commitments in bcoming an AAPHP certified referrer or recovery program for impaired professionals.

Receive Program Accreditation

This status is achieved when all commitments in the organization’s CAP have been met.  It is at this point that members can begin referring and receiving patients.

(Note: at the outset of this program certain stipulations need to be defined so that impaired professional have access to the resources necessary to begin their recovery plan in the most efficient manner possible).

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