Institutional Clinical Membership is reserved for those institutions, such as NATTC members, clinical or clinically related support services to professional’s health programs at all levels.

The benefits of Institutional Clinical Membership are:

  • The recognition among jurisdictional recovery programs, and professional in providing recovery treatment that your institution strives to adhere to best practices in the identification, treatment, and recovery of the professionals’ disease management.
  • The ability to advocate for your institutional services via a dedicated web presence on the AAPHP website.
  • Access to the Academy’s database of AAPHP’s accredited residential/inpatient treatment/sober living/IOP/caduceus or juris support providers, and AAPHP accredited licensed or certified treating professionals who are trained in all aspects of jurisdictional recovery requirements for the professionals they serve.
  • Discounted attendance at the annual AAPHP Scientific Conference.
  • Options for article publication in the anticipated Journal of Professional’s Health.
  • Subscription of at a minimum regular bimonthly newsletters by email as to developments in professional’s health programs.
  • Recognition by press releases of particular interest to other members and the public of your institutional program.
  • Significant discounts on consulting services

Membership Fee: $12,000 every three years