The American Academy of Professional’s Health Programs is a membership organization that brings together the many facets of recovery industry whose goal is to significantly reduce the recidivism rate of impaired or affected professionals across the United States.  This encompasses a wide variety of different organizations and individuals.  Therefore, AAPHP offers a wide variety of different memberships:

Diplomate Jurisdictional Membership: Open to jurisdictional based programs who are extensions of state or federally related health boards, or Bar associations.

Diplomate Professional Membership: Open to individuals with an advanced degree and licensure in providing at least five years addictions, addiction related professions, addiction psychiatry, or proof of ten years in the specialty of professional addictions or behavioral recovery. Most of these professionals are professional Caduceus Group facilitators or individual treating licensed professionals

Clinical Membership: Open to those individuals with an advanced degree and actively involved in gaining at least five years the treatment of professionals addictions or behavioral health recovery toward .

Diplomate Professional Treatment Center Membership: Open to those treatment centers whose treatment programs offer specific tracks for strict adherence to the jurisdictional requirements established for extensive  active treatment of recovering professionals.

Institutional Clinical Membership: Open to those industries who provide clinical or clinically related support services to professional health programs both at the jurisdictional level or treatment center level.

Certified Professional Recovery Program Advocate Membership: Open to staff members of a jurisdictional or treatment center program who provide day to day support and credentialing services for professionals admitted to the programs.

Diplomate Patron Membership: This membership is reserved for those outstanding individuals who are committed to the scientific and clinical advancement of “Best Practices” in the specialty of Professionals Health Programs, and the American Academy of Professionals Health Programs.

Student Membership: Open to students in advanced degree programs who are completing graduate studies in the advancement of knowledge of professional recovery programs.