Since 1983 the founder of SyMedica has been successfully treating impaired professionals.  During that period Bob Coates has developed a number of  powerful tools that can help jump start the AAPHP national program standards board.

By getting more organizations using the SyMedica programs and tools; providing feedback; and working together in improving the resources to achieve better outcomes the AAPHP vision to significantly reduce the recidivism rate of impaired professional across the United States can be realized!

Some of the programs that SyMedica has successfully implemented include:

The intent is to use these programs in various combinations to create a baseline from which to begin measure outcomes.  Additionally, AAPHP members can begin assisting as many professionals as possible to heal and return as contributing member of their profession once again.

To find out more about becoming a accredited AAPHP member read the page on this website titled  Get Accredited.