Vision Statement

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To significantly reduce the recidivism rate of impaired or affected professionals across the United States by collaboratively working to standardize the process and methods by which state and private programs identify, disposition, treatment, and acclimate impaired professionals back to a state of full functionality for their practice, families, professions, and communities.

Mission Statement

The American Academy of Professionals Health Programs is a collaborative credentialing membership of state and national professional’s health programs, and treatment professionals dedicated to develop standards of identification, disposition, active treatment sources, and recovery strategies for those licensed professionals who must answer to the public trust under strict practices standards and scientific accountability of a chosen profession.

Who We Serve

At its core, AAPHP serves the impaired professional.  However, there are a number of entities involved in process of rehabilitating these individuals.  They include:

  • Impaired or Affected Professionals
  • State Licensing Boards
  • State Recovery Programs
  • Recovery Facilities
  • Halfway Houses
  • Treatment Professionals

Each of these stakeholders have different roles and responsibilities in achieving the vision.  None is more or less important than the other. In fact, without each a complete solution to the impaired and affected professional crisis is not possible.

Therefore, AAPHP has set out on a quest to bring these parties together and lead the process of solving the problem.  To those like-minded individuals within these various sectors we challenge you to step up and work with us in developing the solution to the problem! Just click the “Get Involved” icon and complete the form.

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