Portrait of a young female doctor suffering from a headache at work

The impaired and affected professional crisis is nearly epidemic.  State program, if they exist at all, have become overburdened. And for those responsible for managing these programs trying to keep up, is difficult enough, forget about trying to provide a better experience for the impaired profession.

Some reports estimate as many as 1 in 4 healthcare professionals as demonstrating addictive behavior. For the legal profession these number are even higher with estimates 54% of lawyers and 44% of judges according to a 2013 American Bar Association report.

SyMedica Network identified this problem many years ago and has been working on solutions in many different forms for decades.  However, to solve this national crisis it will require the help of many different people, organization, and resource. This is why SyMedica established AAPHP.

800TherapistsWorkingGroup_Dollarphotoclub_67960778Using years of SyMedica success in the area of helping impaired professionals can help jumpstart a national program by using AAPHP as a standards board.  By getting more organizations using the SyMedica programs and tools; providing feedback; and working together in improving the resources to achieve better outcomes the AAPHP vision to significantly reduce the recidivism rate of impaired professional across the United States can be realized!